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English dialects in North America
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July 12,



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Nathan, Anne, Rick, and Betty
Aschmann, December, 2016

     Rick and Betty were married in 2000 and have been serving in Ecuador. Rick’s ministry focuses on leadership training, literature production, Bible translation, and church planting in the Quichua Indian language. After a two-year church-planting internship in Bogotá, Colombia, Rick was ordained as a pastor (teaching elder), and in 2015 the Aschmanns returned to Ecuador to begin a new work in church planting among the Quichua Indians. Since then they have begun a Quichua Bible study that they are praying will blossom into a church. Rick has also been involved in two Bible translation projects in two of the Quichua languages of Ecuador to provide God’s Word in the heart language of the Quichua people.

     Rick and Betty met in Ecuador in 1999. Betty served with HCJB Global from 1992 until she married Rick in 2000. She worked in an international television production studio, producing Christian programs in Spanish for Latin America. She continues to produce videos on an occasional basis.

     Rick and his family served for many years in a cooperative agreement between Mission to the World (MTW) and Wycliffe Bible Translators, working in Colombia from 1981-1994. His first wife, Heidi Marie, died in 1997 after a long battle with cancer. In 1998 Rick was reassigned to Ecuador to work in the Quichua Indian language.

English dialects in North America 

Fun Links

Rick’s map of English dialects in North America: Shows where all of the major English dialects are in North America, and allows you to listen to samples of many of them.

· Ethnologue: Languages of the World:  An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 7,105 known living languages.

Church and Mission Links

· Good News!

· Do you know for sure that you are going to Heaven?

· Presbyterian Church in America: The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is one of the fastest-growing denominations in the United States. Since its founding in 1973 with 240 congregations and just 40,000 members, it has grown to include over 1,900 congregations and over 380,000 communicant and non-communicant members as of 2018.

· Mission to the World: Mission to the World is the mission sending agency of the PCA.

· Mission to the World - Latin America: A separate site with more detailed information about individual missionaries and ministries.

· Wycliffe Bible Translators: a Bible translation organization whose goal is for everyone to have God’s Word in their heart language.

· Summer Institute of Linguistics: Wycliffe’s sister organization, SIL is an international educational and research entity, specializing in the study of languages around the world. Wycliffe members serve overseas under its auspices.

· Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global): An evangelical, interdenominational faith mission which historically has been involved primarily in radio broadcasting and other media, and in health care. On Christmas Day 1931, from a makeshift studio inside a sheep shed high in the Andes of Ecuador, HCJB —the world’s first missionary radio station— went on the air with 200 watts of power. Today HCJB World Radio’s ministries truly span the globe, proclaiming the good news using international shortwave, local radio stations and satellite program delivery, as well as training, health care, technical services and television program production.

Regional Links

· Ecuador

· Quito, Ecuador

· Clickable map of South America

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